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Network and Services

  • Who are entitled for the 4G LTE service?
  • How fast is Celcom 4G LTE?
  • How fast is the speed for 4G LTE when streaming/downloading/uploading?
  • Where can I get a full list of Celcom's network coverage?
  • My device is able to support 4G LTE services but why is my services still slow?
  • My SIM card supports 4G LTE services but why is my service still slow?
  • I have checked my coverage and both my phone and SIM card supports 4G LTE services. My connection is still slow. Can I know why is that?
  • I am working near the Malaysian border. My network service keeps getting disconnected and changed to the other country's operator. How can I avoid this from happening?
  • I have never had a problem with my area but recently certain services have been disrupted. Why is this happening?
  • I never had a problem with my Celcom line before. But when I contact a specific number, the line was unclear, it frequently have drop-call issues and the receiver can barely hear me. What could be the reason?
  • How can I stop unknown numbers from spamming me?