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Over-The-Top (OTT) Mobile Content

  • What is Over-The-Top (OTT) Mobile Content?
  • Is OTT Mobile Content available for Postpaid and Prepaid?
  • Where can I find these OTT Mobile Content?
  • If I have a problem donwloading any of Celcom's OTT Mobile Content, where can I enquire for a solution?
  • Will there be any fee aplicable to me when I subscribe or register to Celcom's OTT Mobile Content?
  • I am a Postpaid user. Will I see the OTT Mobile Content subcription fees in my monthly bill?
  • I am a Prepaid user. How can I see the list of OTT Mobile Content that I have subscribe/register to?
  • Can I go to any of the Celcom stores to subscribe/register to any of the OTT Mobile Content?
  • Is Government Service Tax (GST) applicable when I subscribe to OTT Mobile Content?
  • Is there any limit as to how many OTT Mobile Content that I can subscribe/register to?