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International Roaming

  • I'm a Postpaid user and will be going overseas soon. How can I activate my International Roaming (IR) service?
    New Customer
    Roaming service for Calls and SMS are automatically activated upon plan registration.

    Activate your roaming service for Internet via these channels:
    1. SMS by sending “IR ON” to 28882
    2. OCS
    3. In Malaysia, call our Contact Centre at 1111 from Celcom numbers, +60196011111 from other mobile operators or dial *123# if you are abroad
    4. Walk in to our nearest Blue Cube

    To find the nearest store to you, please click here:

    Existing Customer
    In Malaysia, call our Contact Centre at 1111, +60196011111 from other mobile operators, dial *123# if you are abroad or visit our nearest Blue Cube today.

    Activate it for free! No roaming deposit required.
  • I'm a Prepaid user and will be going overseas soon. How can I activate my International Roaming service?
    International roaming service will be automatically activated for prepaid subscriptions. If you wish to subscribe for any roaming passes, please dial *118#.
  • Does Celcom offer any specific roaming plan?
    Yes, we do. In fact, we have a new offering called Celcom Passport™. With Celcom Passport™ you can roam worry-free and stay connected overseas with our 1-Day Calls & SMS Pass for RM18/day or enjoy the 1-Day Internet Pass for RM38/day, even better get the 7-Day 3-in-1 Pass for just RM138/week.
    To find out more, click on the link:
  • I'm using Celcom Prepaid line while roaming. Is there a minimum credit balance required to make and receive calls?
    Yes, you are required to have a minimum credit balance of MYR15 and your account must also be active within the validity period.
  • How do I send SMS while I am overseas?
    To SMS to a Mobile Operator in Malaysia:
    Key in <+>
    To send SMS to another country:
    Key in <+>
  • I'm going overseas and I want to avoid data service charging. How do I switch off my data connection while roaming?
    For Android users: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > turn Data Roaming OFF
    Please note that these steps may be different with every Android phone.

    For iOS users: Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Options> turn Data Roaming OFF
  • If I need to call Celcom Contact Centre back home, what number do I dial?
    There are two ways to call our Contact Centre from abroad:

    i) Dial *123# from any Celcom number for free!

    ii) Dial +6019-6011111 from other mobile operators. Normal charges apply.
  • How do I retrieve my Voice Mail while roaming?
    There are two (2) ways you can retrieve your Voice Mail while roaming.

    i) Dial *121# and press the call button
    ii) Dial 013/019/01482011313 to listen to your Voice Messages from fixed line phones or other telecommunications providers.
    * To retrieve  your Voice Mail  while roaming, the same rates as when you call back to Malaysia will apply.
    *Opt to deactivate your voicemail service to avoid charges. Contact Celcom Customer Service to deactivate.
  • May I know about Celcom's coverage overseas?
    Yes, of course. You can refer to this link for the full listing of our coverage overseas: